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With many years of experience with all brands of dryers you can feel at ease, We open the dryer up and remove lint build up around critical sensors and heating elements as well as remove metal debris ( bobby pins, safety pins, drill bits, screws, broken zippers, metal buttons etc.) that accumulate around the fan and have the potential for igniting a fire ( spark hazards ).  Every dryer has its problem areas on the inside where you can't see, also we remove Lint build up ( clogs inside the dryer that you can't see or get to ) that restricts the air flow which cost you more money to run your dryer.
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At Lint Eliminator, we take care to provide our customers with a high quality service.   We are available to take your appointments 7 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient. For your comfort level we send out two service techs ( one female and one male ). We provide a variety of services including:  Dryer Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, as well as Dryer Vent Repair Replacement and Rerouting. 

The Problem
When a dryer vent gets clogged it puts back pressure on the dryer and causes the lint to fall like snow inside the dryer creating fuel for a dryer fire. When a dryer fire starts you can't put it out because it is on the other side of the drum, then the Fire follows the vent line and if your dryer vent is not hard metal pipe your house could catch Fire. For decades there were no code standards for dryer vents in Kentucky, thus resulting in unsafe dryer vents being installed. If your dryer vent is made of plastic or foil flex line that passes thru a floor, ceiling, in a wall, in the attic or under the house you could be at a high risk for a house fire caused by the clothes dryer. If you're not sure, then call us out to inspect... it's FREE.
With a specialized brush and rods, we clean your Dryer Vent Line to increase the air flow, and remove the Lint build up inside the dryer vent line.  We check the Air Flow with a Meter before and after to show you how much we have increased the air flow. ( in most cases we can double or triple the air flow ) A clogged vent costs you money.  We SAVE you money ! 
$ 65.00

Every job is different and unique so it's very difficult to give estimates over the phone.  The dryer vent codes have changed.  Flex line, plastic or foil that goes through a floor, wall, or a ceiling is now considered to be an extreme Fire hazard. When you have a dryer fire, the fire is on the other side of the drum and you can't put it out, Then the FIRE follows the vent line and could catch your house on fire in a wall, a floor, a ceiling or under the house in the crawl space, where you can't put it out. The dryer vent must be smooth wall metal pipe of a specific gauge or thickness (NOT Aluminum). We only do dryer vents and have the tools and supplys we need to handle just about any dryer vent situation. We bring you up to code by todays code standards and keep you safe. We put a Lifetime Warranty on all dryer vents that we install parts and labor, provided Lint Eliminator does the annual cleaning ( not to exceed 24 months ) We are HVAC Lic. and Insured as required by the Kentucky State, Dept. of Housing,Buildings & Construction. We give FREE estimates.
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