​I called the appliance man out because my dryer wasn't drying my clothes very well and I thought it had a heating 
problem. He told me that my dryer was working fine it was my dryer vent that was clogged.  He recommended Lint Eliminator.  I called them and they came out the same day.  When they arrived here they went right to work.  They started by testing the air flow with a meter.  I stood by and watched I was absolutely amazed at the amount of lint that came out of my dryer vent line.  They had specialized tools and worked quickly.  After they were done they gathered up the lint and put in in a bag and retested the air flow again with their air flow meter and the air flow had increased by over 3 1/2 times.  I asked how often should I have this done?  and they said the fire departments reccomend " Annually".  Now my clothes are taking less time to dry and that saves me money on my electric bill. Thanks Lint Eliminator, Mary Ann (Elizabethton, Ky.)

My dryer quit working so I called out a service repair man. He said that the dryer blew an internal fuse and it had to be replaced.  He also said that the dryer vent exhaust was clogged and that was the reason for the fuse blowing and not to use the dryer until we got the dryer vent cleaned. He said It wasn't the dryer it was the dryer vent line that was clogged and was restricting the air flow, which caused the dryer to over heat and blow a fuse. ( He said it takes a temperature of over 300 degrees to blow that fuse ).  I remember seeing an ad in the local newspaper for Lint Eliminator.(dryer and dryer vent cleaning service).  I gave them a call. When they got here they could tell me right away that not only was it clogged but the dryer vent line was not up to code by todays code standards.  Before fixing it they gave me a price that was very reasonable and they had all the parts with them to fix the problem.  They did a great job and I will be calling them next year for my annual cleaning.  They have a customer for life.  Thanks for your service I now have peace of mind that the job was done right.  Edward ( Louisville, Ky.) 
My wife and I just bought a new home. We bought all new appliances which included a washer and dryer.  The delivery guy said that he wouldn't be able to install the dryer because the plastic flex line that went through the floor and under the house is an extreme fire hazard and if he hooked it up they could be liable and would void the warranty.  I asked if he knew of anyone that could install it and he said he didn't know of anyone.  I checked the phone book for an appliance company and called them up.  He said that he didn't do that type of work but knew of a local company that did. he gave me the number to Lint Eliminator and I made an appointment.  They came out and explained that the flexible vent line that went from the dryer through the floor and was under the house where it connected to the outside vent was not up to code by todays code standards.  They gave me an estimate on the cost to have it  done right.  Now we can use our new washer and dryer set.  They also explained to us that cleaning of the dryer and vent line is part of the annual maintenance and fire prevention.  Thanks Lint Eliminator Josh and Katie (Radcliff, Ky.)
 I have recently been serviced by Lint Eliminator of Laure County . Ron and Karen went above and beyond to ensure that good service was given, and I was very pleased with their pricing.  Judy (Elizabethtown, Ky.)